Welcome to the Online Home of the Hall of Carthage Heroes

HCH Logo-1The Hall of Carthage Heroes, established in 2012, is a distinctive honor for citizens of Carthage, Missouri who have exhibited the highest qualities, in both their professional and personal lives, in the betterment of Carthage and our country. The Hall consists of two divisions, one to recognize pioneers & citizens of distinction, the other to honor outstanding athletes.

You can read about the classes of Hall inductees, and see historic images for each honoree by selecting “Inductees” above, or choosing the particular class in the submenu below Inductees.  You can also click on the “Photo Gallery” above to read supplemental information about each of the Honorees.

About the Hall of Carthage Heroes

Deeming it important that this community never forget the awesome debt it owes the quality leadership that lifted Carthage to great heights and established the ideals that have created here an attractive and unique city, we establish the Hall of Carthage Heroes to identify them and celebrate their lives. Let their memory remain always at the heart of this community to which they gave their best time, energy, and wisdom as their investment in behalf of all the generations that would walk in their steps.

Every individual listed here made a strong, positive impact on this city as it was born and grew, or contributed greatly to its reputation by the deeds they accomplished, and are worthy of emulation by today’s and succeeding generations.

From time to time, others who similarly served in their own era will be added to this roster, for the talent once invested bears good fruit for the centuries and in their footprints more giants continue to stride forward into a bright tomorrow.

The above comments (as amended) were written by Marvin L VanGilder on January 10, 2007, in anticipation of the creation of this Hall of Carthage Heroes.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Online Home of the Hall of Carthage Heroes

  1. Good morning from Jefferson City.
    I’m putting the finishing touches (I hope) on a book about the construction of the Missouri Capitol. Through much of the loooohnnnnng controversy about the stone that would be used for the building, various accusations were made in various forms that Col. William H. Phelps influenced the Capitol Commission Board to use Carthage stone instead of entertaining proposals from other cities and quarry operators.
    I have yet to find any documents in either the state archives or the state historical society that shed light on those accusations. Phelps was the chairman of the Senate Committee on the New Capitol so I am looking for records of that committee or correspondence involving Phelps and the State Capitol Commission Board.
    Do you know if his papers or records are in an archive that I have not yet discovered or are there newspaper clipping files in Jasper County that would help me fill in this detail?
    Bob Priddy

    • Hello Bob
      Sorry I have just been doing some updating on this website and found your inquiry.
      Pat Phelps, grandson of Col Phelps offices just down the hall from me. I showed him your question.
      He said that he also is aware of this rumor. If he has any documentation to substantiate it, he doesn’t know where
      it is. He also said that he had heard that the Col., being attorney for the railroad, had given free RR tickets to the
      legislators to influence their vote on the matter.

      Bill Putnam
      Hall of Carthage Heroes Committee

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