About the Hall

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What is the Hall of Carthage Heroes?

Deeming it important that this community never forget the awesome debt it owes the quality leadership that lifted Carthage to great heights and established the ideals that have created here an attractive and unique city, we establish the Hall of Carthage Heroes to identify them and celebrate their lives. Let their memory remain always at the heart of this community to which they gave their best time, energy, and wisdom as their investment in behalf of all the generations that would walk in their steps.

Every individual listed here made a strong, positive impact on this city as it was born and grew, or contributed greatly to its reputation by the deeds they accomplished, and are worthy of emulation by today’s and succeeding generations.

From time to time, others who similarly served in their own era will be added to this roster, for the talent once invested bears good fruit for the centuries and in their footprints more giants continue to stride forward into a bright tomorrow.

The above comments (as amended) were written by Marvin L VanGilder on January 10, 2007, in anticipation of the creation of this Hall of Carthage Heroes.


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