HCH Logo-1Modern Day Carthage Heroes Who Have Made this Hall Possible:

The Kent D. and Mary L. Steadley Memorial Trust

The John O. Phelps and Carolyn B. Phelps Charitable Fund

Grace Energy Corporation

The Ruth I. Kolpin Foundation

Harry M. Cornell, Jr.                                         Wendy & James Blair

The Helen S. Boylan Foundation                    Dr. Stephen McGaughey

The Putnam Family                                            Mark & Jennifer McGaughey

Southwest Missouri Bank                                 Marsh Family Foundation (CCF)

Steve and Mary Jean Beimdiek                       Rowell & Corrie Sargeant

Jack and Teri Crusa                                           Martha M. Smith

Bill and Sharyn Lee

Want to add your name to this list? Click here to donate via Carthage Community Foundation

Thanks to Stewart Johnson, Michele Hansford and The Powers Museum, The Jasper County Records Center, Nancy Brewer, and the Carthage Press archives for providing the photographs used on the tiles and in the mural. (Some photos by Carl Taylor). Thanks to Abi Almandinger for making historical digital scrapbooks of the inductees.

Committee Members

Mark Elliff                                    Abi Almandinger              Kate Lasley

Jason Shelfer                               Heather Collier


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