Class of 2012

The Class of 2012 was the inaugural class of The Hall of Carthage Heroes.  Clicking on the person listed below will take you directly to their page.

The Hall of Carthage Heroes will accept nomination from Carthage citizens and the public at large when considering future Hall classes. Click the link below and then click the PDF icon to get to the printable form.

You may also nominate for the Hall of Carthage Heroes by e-mailing

Click here to download a form (PDF) to nominate a Civic Leader

Click here to download a form (PDF) to nominate an Athlete

Anna White Baxter

Dr. Robert Forsyth Brooks

Gustavius Adolphus Cassil

Jack Taylor Crusa

Major Charles O. Harrington

Norris Clark Hood

Carl Owen Hubbell

Miss Emma Rosina Knell

Joseph Palmer Leggett

Dr. Thomas E. McCune

Judge Malcolm Graeme McGregor

Richard Marlin Perkins

Cornelius Baird Platt

Henry Walter Putnam, Jr.

Timothy Regan

Bill Samuels

Colonel Ward Loren Schrantz

James S. Scott

John A. Shirley

The Steadley Family

Toby Waters

Colonel Kenneth O. Wofford

Harold Edward Williams

Felix Carl Wright



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