Nominate for the Hall

HCH Logo-1The Hall of Carthage Heroes is now accepting nominations from Carthage citizens and the public at large for the Class of 2022. Made up of two divisions, the Hall recognizes Pioneers & Citizens of Distinction, as well as Outstanding Athletes. Click the link below to complete your nomination online, or click the PDF icon to get to a printable form.

Qualified, complete nominations from 2021 will be carried over as nominees for 2022. A nominee receiving votes in a previous year will be kept on the ballot for 2 additional years. Nominees not receiving votes will be dropped after one year, but may be renominated by sending an email or letter to the Selection Committee. Submission of additional materials is encouraged, but it is not necessary to re-submit a new nomination form.

A Selection Committee of anonymous Carthage citizens representing civic organizations will be responsible for electing the new Class of Heroes.

Nominations are due by June 30.

Athletic Hall

Recommended Requirements

  1. Completed competition 5 years before nomination except for “lifetime” sports such as golf, tennis, road running, triathlon, etc.
  2. Achieved one of the following:
  • High School State Champion
  • All State designation
  • All American status
  • College or high school individual record holder
  • Conference champion in college
  • Noteworthy professional accomplishments
  • Significant won-loss record over a long period of time
  • Exceptions may be made when the athlete competed in a time period before there were state championships and where statistics are unavailable.

3.  Teams, including relays, may be recognized for exemplary performance, such as: 

  • State Championship
  • Undefeated season
  • Record setters
  • All American status

4.  In addition, nominees must be good citizens, with no violations of the  law.

Adopted, June 23, 2014, subject to revision as necessary.

You may also nominate for the Hall of Carthage Heroes by e-mailing

Click here to download a form (PDF) to nominate a Citizen of Distinction

Click here to download a form (PDF) to nominate an Athlete


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